Getting out there…

Wow how time flies when your having fun.. we recently had 2 members go to the Small Museums Conference that was held in Maryborough and what an exciting weekend that was. Emma Best from the Newcastle Museum was the main speaker, and she was backed up by speakers from so many different places with awesome ideas for lots of different types of organisations.

Some of the best parts for us was we had Mayor Loft speak about what the council is doing for our tourism and town and what the goals are for the next 12 months, we also got to see some of the work in action.

We went to the Bond Store on Friday night for Tales and Tipples.. now if you haven’t been down there you need to visit it is very interesting and a major part of our history. Tales & Tipples

They have regular sessions on and you can check out their events at FCRC Home Page

We have since the conferences have had a catch up with Kathy from the Library in Maryborough and they have some great projects happening.. they are looking for photographs to add to their collections and they are a part of history pin.. a great online community project.. for our contributions to History Pin you can check it out HERE.

If you are looking for some of the Libraries collections or projects go to HERE. ************************************************************************************

We recently were donated a series of photos that a local photographer took in Maryborough in 1975 and we have highlighted some of them on our page.. why not check them out..

The generous donor of these gorgeous photos was the Aldridge State High School



Don’t forget we are having some time off over Christmas but we are still around for urgent requests.. just drop us a line through our CONTACT page.

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A written history set out in time…A story to tell

Our Big M database is powering along at the moment and we are stepping up into the latest technology and our website is changing..

We have been so busy with our volunteers doing the Big M and we have inputted so much information that we have had to do some major maintenance on it.

Without our indexers the project would never have gotten as far as it has and we are doing a couple of interesting things at the moment. As you may have visited in the past we have a blog as a tribute to “Those who served” .

There are some amazing pics and stories on there if you have never had a look but we have been downloading that info and putting it into our Military database. There are so many records out there in one place and we are collating them all together with all the information that relates to the person.

So we will have things like Name, Service, Rank, Which War, Where served, Family, Next of Kin, Stories told, Photos, Medals awarded… and the list goes on and on.

By putting them all together it is so interesting to see how some families lost whole generations to the war effort and how many poor mothers lost their children or husbands.

I as the researcher have also been getting a pretty indepth education into the different levels of military within the Australian Forces and their different names and rankings. If your ever looking for a particular explanation the Wikepedia gives you a basic outline of ranks so you can determine at what level they served and there are a pile of interesting sites on the internet.

Dame Nellie Melba

We had a lovely suprise a couple of Saturdays ago when we were visited by a researcher from Lilydale Victoria whom is doing a research project on Dame Melba and her outback tours. Sue was looking for info on when Dame Melba was in Maryborough and the history of the people she met.

If you would like to see more on Dame Melba you can find it on the Dame Nellie Melba website we had a wonderful chat about the 1910s and discovered one of the men who performed for Dame Melba was a Lewis Dunn who was a Professor of Music ( and no relation to Andrew Dunn who owned the Chronicle.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954

Mr Dunn had a store in Bazaar st and was a very esteemed professional in his career .. many a student was privileged  to have learnt under Mr Dunn..

The history of Maryborough has so many interesting people from many diverse backgrounds and we hope to showcase some of the more interesting ones.. If you have a story you would like us to research please don’t hesitate to contact us. Till next time happy searching…

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What a huge week and weekend

We have been busy with our Big M Database and we have just finished the schools so now all our enrolments except for the Catholic school are in the system which is great if your looking for ancestors and what school they went to it is also a valuable tool in assisting you with where they lived and sometimes the occupation of the parents.

We also have finished the fire station call outs, and what an interesting journey that has been it has given us new properties and locations of properties / businesses that we didn’t have in the records. So if there was a fire and the house your ancestors lived in was visited by the Fire department between 1900-1950 we will have a copy of that record. Amazingly enough we were assisting a client with a research request and low and behold up came the name of her Ancestor and he was a tenant in a shop that had a small fire. So we were able to give her a more accurate position on the shop.

This weekend we have members attending the Small Museums Conference at the Brolga Theatre in Maryborough and they are looking forward to meeting others that have a passion for history and we are hoping our members will come back with some new ideas on how to build our collections and how to assist you with your research through our displays and story sessions. Have fun girls…

2016 South East Queensland Small Museums Conference

Did you watch Who Do You Think You Are last week they had a fascinating episode on Mel Meninga and his Ancestors. His Great Grandfather is buried in the Maryborough Cemetery and Mel got some interesting clues on his history and ancestry. If you missed it go to Sbs On Demand on your devices and you can catch up there or click here.

There was a fascinating article in the Courier Mail on Mollie Thompson which is a bit of a local mystery and we told her story at our last cemetery tour. We have the tours the third Friday of the month and have another coming up on the 20th October.. Go to our Cemetery Tour Information page for more info on the tours. If you would like to come along and don’t get a chance to book then just rock up at the gates.

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