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We are a society manned by volunteers and are surrounded by both digital and hard copy resources and our aim is to assist you in any way we can but we do ask a couple of things.

Like any Family History Society we have lots of info on hand and sometimes we find it difficult when doing research to give the client the exact info they are looking for .. why you ask??

Well if there are 51 Murphys buried in our cemetery and your looking for John Murphy then it can be really difficult to provide the right one if you don’t give us any extra info, and there sometimes is that amazing event when 2 of them died in the same month and year.

Will we just give you the best sounding one or the first one off the list …. NO... why – because we are pedantic over details.

Details, details details why let details get in the way of a good story. We ask that when you go to any Society for help remember they do not know your family or its story so they are basically looking for strangers in a graveyard.

So ensure you give the Society as much info as you have.. so if you  have done any research send them a copy of it or at least a family group sheet. That way they can link in the missing pieces and any marriages etc or extra family details that may reveal the missing clues.

DON’T keep it to yourself ..we will find a thread, then try and verify that thread, then try and link another thread to the first till we know we have a solid, verifiable link to give you. Also be very clear on what your looking for if your not interested in connecting families that sometimes have vital information. Let us know, as sometimes you have to go sideways to go down or up.

We are not mind readers, or psychic’s and are only able to work off what you give us.

We have updated our resource page to clarify when we ask you for a donation it is because we have spent time and money looking for you and to continue providing this service we need to be able to buy new books, purchase subscriptions etc..

Did you know if you drop into our rooms you can use all our subscriptions so for the annual fee of joining as a member you get the use of things like full Ancestry, Find My Past, Society of Genealogists website etc as part of your subscription.

Please help us help you by sending us as much info as you can when your asking us or anybody for help.. saves time, energy and coffee if we have a good starting point.

Happy Searching

So we have heaps going on at the moment and will catch up soon for the latest updates.

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