Busy, busy, busy

We hope you all had a lovely break over Easter, we are back on deck and flat out and its a huge week for us. We have a committee meeting this week and we are hoping to discuss some exciting things that could change the way we do things.


Some of the things we are looking at is things like digital downloads of our books. We know how easy it is to download and read something on your computer and with such busy lives and the chance to get that tiny missing link of info. this could make a huge difference to your research.

We have been really busy with our Family Research Program and over the last month have listed more than 5,00 headstones matched to the person if they are buried in the Wide Bay area,

We have added thousands of extracts from the newspapers, new information on houses around the area.

Then one of our amazing researchers Marlene has been doing a huge job of researching the history of Butchers in the area and it has been a massive project but coming together in an awesome way.

In our paper records we had files and files of Service Booklets from funerals and we have been adding them to the people profiles we are building. It is amazing what information can be found in those booklets. If you have any of these in your collections and would like to scan and send us a copy we would appreciate being able to add it to our records. 

Our Family Tree is still growing at such a pace.. we have added more than 2,000 names in the last couple of weeks alone and are hoping to be able to release that online for your use before Christmas.. but it takes time to enter all the names so keep checking in with us to see our progress.


Our Family Tree is a compilation of family trees we have had donated to us and we are putting them all together in one place, the sources of information have come from near and far, and it is basically user submitted and we will be once we have the base names in there asking if you would like to add you information too..

So we have heaps going on at the moment and will catch up soon for the latest updates.

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