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We are flat out at the moment and loving every moment of it but we have discovered we have a shortage of help in the rooms and if you could spare time to come and spend a couple of hours a week to assist us in typing, researching and generally having fun we would appreciate it.. all you have to do is rock up at the rooms when we are open.. you don’t need any experience or history time.. we are quite a friendly bunch.

What have we been up to.. well we are still building our local history/family computer program and are constantly adding new and exciting information to it. The biggest thing with most societies is that they have mountains and mountains of information and its spread all throughout the rooms but to find it takes forever and we have developed software which is allowing us to access this information in a split second.. 🙂

It is awesome when we have visitors as we are not taking up precious time and we can send you on your way alot quicker. Obviously it is so hard to get every tiny skerrick of info in the program and we are having visitors all the time that are bringing new info. and we will add that in too so we desperately need typists – one fingered ones tooooo – that can help us with this amazing amount of work.

Visitors wow.. we get some of the most amazing people in, this week we have had a couple of Aussie blokes in looking for their Grandfather who was a boxing promoter and I believe they gave us all an education into the good old fashioned bare bones boxing. The ladies at the rooms have started compiling some information on boxing in the early days which is very interesting and we will publish it on the blog shortly.

One of the researchers went to the Royal Hotel in Maryborough the other day and got to take some photos of old buildings which we believe were drawn by Danny Lynch they are beautifully framed and kept and she had an amazing chat with the owners over the pictures and the history of the hotel.

So as you can see we are constantly learning and seeing new and exciting things. If you have any old photos or stories you would like to email to us then you can do that through our contact page or email it to maryboroughfamilyhistory@gmail.com

Dont’ forget our cemetery tour on Friday night.. its going to be an awesome night.

Cemetery Tour Link

Till next time..

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