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Woohoo…. the books are on

We have been flat out the last couple of days loading all the immigration booklets for your convenience. You can now scroll through the list, find the one you want, add it to your cart and follow the leads you will be able to download it instantly.

We also have added the Publicans series called the Mine Host if your looking for information on pubs or publicans in the Wide Bay area.

You can find all our books for sale HERE

We have also just finished a pile of headstones from Wondai, wheatlands, Mt Perry and are currently working on Surat cemeteries.. so if your looking for somebody in those areas pop us an email and we will have a look for you

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Spring has sprung

In Sunny Maryborough Spring has definitely sprung, the weather is great and there is so much excitement in the air this month.. We have a huge month with 2 cemetery tours and the Fraser Coast Council Open House.

The Cemetery Tours are on the on the Cemetery Tour Information page.

 Spring is always a great time to get in and clean those old records out and sort out all the paper that has been accumulating during Winter.

Spring also leads into Summer and a change of weather.. and with all the terrible things going on in the United States I found this article fascinating on the preservation of photos..

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So don’t miss out on an amazing month and at the open house we will have some interesting displays for you to visit so don’t forget we are upstairs come and check out the view from the verandah .




Flat out like a lizard drinking

How time flies when your having fun so they say but we have been so busy on so many fronts we put our heads up and the year is flying. So whats new


Cemetery Tours

Our Cemetery Tours are getting bigger and bigger and July was the biggest tour we have ever done. We hope everybody had a good night and the next one is on the 18th August. So if you haven’t been then don’t miss out



We have been adding so many new pictures on Facebook recently Jenni our Facebook Manager is flat out putting up pics, answering questions and finding new stuff.


The volunteers at the rooms ( the amazing crew) have had so many research requests recently that we are getting a little thin on indexers for the Big M but oh wow how much we have learnt about the history of the local area while we have been doing it.

The Big M is still powering along and it is great to be able to take a little idea and turn it into the most amazing idea that makes our jobs so much easier. We will never have it complete as we are constantly getting more and more information to put into it daily, and so if you message us and we haven’t got the information yet then believe us we will make the most of your request to add the research to our program to build it step by step.

If you have anything you ever want to donate please do not hesitate to let us know we of course can never say we have it all and every tiny little bit of info builds the threads that put together the rich history of Maryborough.

A huge thank you to the volunteers.


Our indexers are the most amazing people they are constantly working new projects and their whole goal is to transcribe written records or scan old records into a digital form so that we can build the Big M.. they are a special kind of people who work so hard and are so gifted in patience.

Online books

Very shortly we will have a whole stack of books that you can access for purchase online. They are mainly passenger lists and are a great source of information for any researcher.


If you live locally and would like to take advantage of our society and its resources and amazing team then why not join. That way you pay once a year and you can use our computers that all have full subscription to Ancestry and Find My Past.

You also have the advantage of talking and bouncing ideas or theories off some of the most advanced/ experienced researchers in the Wide bay area.

Our library and even the Big M is available to you.. Interested then email Barbara our Secretary for more details.

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