Changes to how we research

This year has seen our Society grow so much and we are now seeing so many research requests coming in that we needed to make some changes. As with any research you tend to find you can double up on information so easily and that is losing precious time in that elusive search for the missing ancestor.

So we have on our contact page made some changes if you are looking for family we have added a section where you can download the research request form and then send us an email with the form attached.

It gives us an idea on what sort of information you already have and where we are going without having to get to know the members of your family first. If you have a general enquiry please use the regular contact form.

We are constantly updating or adding to the website as we come across interesting things or ways other societies do things to assist you and if you have any feedback or suggestions we always welcome them..

Till next time happy researching

  • If you are looking for some of the Fraser Coast Libraries collections or projects go to HERE.
  • Don’t forget we are having some time off over Christmas but we are still around for urgent requests.. just drop us a line through our CONTACT page.
  • If you have a research request go to “Contact Us”
  • To see all our dates go to : Calender of Events
  • Cemetery Tour Information: Tour Information

2 responses to “Changes to how we research”

  1. Christine says:

    We are looking for any photos info on my husbands family as his mother is buried in Maryborough and died at 36yrs .His father worked for Walkers .We live in Tinana so am hopung to find photos for our children and grandchildren .
    Kind regards
    Christine Pringle

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