Connecting Family

This page is devoted entirely to connecting family researchers and if you are doing research into your family and have a list of surnames that you would like to publish we will add it to this page.

Please include your first name and an email address so if somebody is looking for the same page then they can contact you directly.


Young  -Collett, Jensen, Nielsen, Bird, Schwarzrock, Lobegier, Bandholtz, Beaumgart, Abell, Young, Schloss, and more! If anyone recognises any of these names or thinks they are related, please get in touch, massive family tree, going back to 1720 England, you could be a part of!!! Contact Cathy on

Helmstedt, from the Bertha Matzkows line.                                                                           Contact Linda on

Pearce (Joseph Richard) Hibbert (caroline)                                                                          Contact Jenny on

Stephensen/Steffensen, Hansen, Humphries, O’Shea, Collins, Cross, Moroney, Ridley, Toohey   and also Hubert, Persock/Pierdezoch, Burrows, Williams, White, Hume, Dale, Cawthorn                                                                                                                                              Contact Angie at

Howlett. Sengstock. Brady. Lacey.                                                                                                        Contact Bonnie at

Blackley, Leftwich                                                                                                                                    Contact Warren at

Christensen                                                                                                                                   Contact Kerry at

Ferricks, Beattie, Beresford and Ezzy                                                                                           Contact Patricia on

Strandquist, Peres, Williams, Winterflood, Hinricks,                                                                    . Contact  Robin on

Nelson , Alexander , King and Murphy                                                                                   Contact Lorraine on 

Sim Family                                                                                                                                   Contact Carol on

Steley (Howard), Joynson (Howard )                                                                                      Contact Gay on

McCrudden, Millard, Picoh and Anderson                                                                                       Contact Carlea on

John (Jack) Bashford                                                                                                                 Contact Wendy on

Kessels Family                                                                                                                              Contact Fiona on

Randall, Haddow, Taylor, Popp. And connecting families                                                  Contact Debbie at or Alice at

Nielsen (Torbanlea), Blackley (Howard).                                                                               Contact Vicki on

Christensen Family                                                                                                                       Contact Kerry on

Sinclair & Smith Tiaro.                                                                                                               Contact Heather on

McKenzie & Barry. Contact : Sonya Kerslake, Love to hear from anyone related to the above who were living in Childers, Apple Tree Creek, Biggenden or surrounding district. McKenzie pioneer of Maryborough. Margaret McKenzie, my Mother, Margaret Barry my Grandmother. Still working on my research in McKenzie side       Contact Sonya on

Pahnke / Panke / Ponki, McKay and Kattenberg.                                                                 Contact Teresa at

The Groth family
In particular I am looking for a wedding photo – Wanted Wedding picture of Georgina Groth & John Douglas Fleming from Tinana, Maryborough, Australia married 09/10/1912. Message me please with photo If you can                                                       Contact Shelley on

Researching the descendants of Rudolf Adolf Wilhelm Schonrock (1865-1944) and Dorothea Christine Andersen (1866-1944) who married in Maryborough in 1888.Also two brothers, August Christian Marxsen (1872-1937) and Palmer Fritz Marxsen (aka Frederick Palmer 1873-1955). Palmer Fritz Marxsen was born on board Alardus. I’m especially looking for photographs.                                                                                                          Contact Liz Alexander at

I am investigating the family of George(Eric) & Elizabeth Manson who came in 1863 with 6 of 10 children.Their son George (Jnr)drowned in Mary 1864. Son William was killed by aborigines on the Norman R., N.Qld in 1868.

I would like to know if his widow (Elizabeth?) who was in N.Qld at the time, returned safely to Maryborough & any other information about the family                                  Contact Betty on


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