Houses.. houses and more houses.

As a part of our Big M we have been developing a house,land and rates database so eventually we would have a complete set of records on the homes of Maryborough and their history. Which was rather easy in the beginning as the main houses had names so we started there and from their have put in actual addresses.

Then whilst cleaning out a cupboard for archive records we came aross 3 drawers of real estate photos so it was time to scan them and and all the details into the database.. OMG what a gigantic task.. in 3 days we have completed just under 400 house records and probably have the same to go but it will be the most intense lists of properties.

Original Property

The next task will be to match the ones that had house names up to the current properties and cross reference them… some of the interesting ones have included a property in Queen St.  The address popped up and it was like awesome I have this one then looked at the photo and realised its not the same house but the houses are the original and the current property.. makes for interesting discoveries.

Current property

So many of the properties have undergone huge make overs in short periods of time in one year it can have a verandah round the front and 3 years later that verandah is covered in changing the whole facade of the property.

Some of the interesting facts was in the 1980s the prices on the properties were in like the $13000’s for a 3 bedroom lowset home that we can only imagine what it is worth today..

Oh and lets not forget the difference in class of home from one with an above ground pool to one with an inground pool…

Then there is the estates to the subdivisions to individual properties.. An unproven fact that we are looking into is that Mavis bank was originally Ormond Dairy and that the Ormond dairy was a part of or on the border of the Fernhill Estate in Queen st. and there was a house in Fernhill estate called Fernhill.. you can see the fun we are having.

Our plantation blog is forever growing too and we are constantly adding new properties to it both locally and in the Wide Bay. So if you can not find it on the Plantations Blog then send us a message through our WEBSITE and we will see what we have for you in the database.

We have had and still have some of the most amazing houses and the Big M Database is our most awesome achievement in bringing our history together in one place. Some of the coolest names were used in the beginning like the property named “Morning Light” owned by Capt Fred Wilson who named his house after one of his boats..

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