Research & Stories

Due to the influx and discovery of interesting stories we are currently in the process of updating this page.

We will be adding links to different stories that we have compiled and will keep adding to them as we receive donations from people.

If you would like your information in a place that other family members can view it , we are able to do this by publishing the information you send us on a webpage, so if you would like to share please email us with pictures and information and we will publish it here.

For a list of local blogs/writers go to Local Blogs and Story Writers

For a list of local resources to use in your research Local Resources


Rationing in World War I

Its a Shark

Maryborough in Pictures

Wide Bay Dairy Co-op

The Creatures of our Riverways

Maryborough’s Heroes

History of Maryborough Boxing 

Boxing Troupes, skating rinks and Harry Steve

We regularly find fascinating stories and are going to build a library of very interesting history pieces and all the links will be here.

All information in these stories have been gathered from public sources and is freely available on the internet.


Turner family of the Wide Bay 

Any collection donated by a person will be available for your enjoyment but the collection is not to be reused for publication unless permission is gained from the original owner of the collection.

The information in collections is not the opinion of the Society it is the information submitted by the collections owner and maybe used for research purposes but not for publication.