Research Resources & Fees


The society has multiple resources available to assist you in your research and we are a non profit organisation that provides a service to you.

We will initially conduct a search for you to see what information we have available and then will indicate to you that we have found something that might assist you.

We would then based on the information and the time it took for the researcher and the resources we sourced give you an idea of the amount of a donation that would cover the costs.

It is a donation and if you say yes you would like the info then you can forward payment for the information. As stated it is a donation and you will not receive an invoice or anything just an email indicating how much time and effort went into the research.

If  you can come in then you can do it in house


You can visit the rooms and we will allocate a researcher to work with you and the following is costs for this

$5.00 for the 1st hour

$10.00 for up to 3 hours

$15.00 for up to 5 hours

You will be doing most of the work yourself and one of the researchers will assist you in directing you to the available resources for you.. but if you can not attend and require one of the researchers to do the research for you then there is a cost of up to $35.00


So contact us through our contact page and let us know what your looking for and we will let you know what sort of cost you would be up for and how you can make that payment by bank transfer etc.

We do not have our banking details published anywhere it is sent via email to you