Spring has sprung

In Sunny Maryborough Spring has definitely sprung, the weather is great and there is so much excitement in the air this month.. We have a huge month with 2 cemetery tours and the Fraser Coast Council Open House.

The Cemetery Tours are on the on the Cemetery Tour Information page.

 Spring is always a great time to get in and clean those old records out and sort out all the paper that has been accumulating during Winter.

Spring also leads into Summer and a change of weather.. and with all the terrible things going on in the United States I found this article fascinating on the preservation of photos..

Do you know where ALL of your digital photos are? And are they backed up?

If you are struggling for an easy way to make sure that your digital photos are safe and protected from disaster, consider the Picture Keeper USB Flash Drive. It is more than just storage – it will help you find photos on your computer and devices and sort them as well.  Works with PC and Mac, and even saves Facebook and email photos! Available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB sizes.

How is Picture Keeper different than a regular USB flash drive?

This is the most common question I get about Picture Keeper. Yes you can use a regular USB flash drive or even an external hard drive. But if you feel you are “technically challenged” and have trouble locating all your digital photos on your computer, Picture Keeper uses a built-in software program to assist you. In addition, it can “grab” any photos from your Facebook account and email automatically . . . you would need to take several steps to save these to a regular USB drive or external hard drive.

Picture Keeper On Sale Now!

Prices start at just $19.99 USD. Click HERE to shop – via Groupon

So don’t miss out on an amazing month and at the open house we will have some interesting displays for you to visit so don’t forget we are upstairs come and check out the view from the verandah .




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