Time flies when your digging in the past

Are we addicted to history.. no way not us.. never we say.. no it doesn’t get in the way of our regular life… yes I know your nodding your head in agreement and the rest of you are laughing at our denials.. Whether its family history or local area history we are constantly gathering information and we have been offered some amazing collections by people recently.

We are constantly working on ways to develop methods to display our collections as they come into our hands and how to best share them with you. But we are going to be open on “Open House” day this year and we are slowly gathering those collections so we can showcase them for you. So on top of all our other projects we are again working on what amazing and interesting things we can show off to you when you visit on open house.

Our Cemetery tours are growing each month and we are seeing lots of new faces and some returns too.. it takes a huge amount of research to give you new stories each month but a bit of an admission is we totally enjoy doing the research for them too..

If you want to come along to this tour its on the 17th March be at the cemetery at 6.00 p.m at the Walker St Gate.

Our family tree ( our local version ) is coming along nicely at the moment we have just over 10 000 names in the tree and we are slowly working through the family trees that have been handed to us over the years.. our goal this year is to get them all in there and we will be releasing a user pays website so you can access this amazing local resource.

We are still looking for volunteers so if you have a spare hour or two and enjoy good company and learning about our local history then send us a line and we can get you started.

Have you ever been down the walk of achievers in Wharf St Maryborough.. the Fraser Coast council is about to add new names to the walk and it has some of the most fascinating stories to go with the names.. if you wander down around the Richmond & Wharf St intersection you will see all the plaques in the footpath then rock in to see the ladies at the Customs House museum they can assist you with who is who and how amazing these people are.

Till next time..

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