Research Costs

We are a not for profit organisation that is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.

We do what we do because we are passionate about family history and the local history and when we undertake research for you it is treated the same way we do our own history.

To provide you with the level of service and the depth of research we require resources and as we are not for profit we rely on the good will of our clients.

We have some basic research fees and if your enquiry does not fit into this category we will send you a quick note to let you know this..

Research Fees:

In the Rooms. $ 5.00 for the 1st hour
$10.00 for up to 3 hrs (1/2 day)
$15.00 for up to 6 hrs (full day)

When your in the rooms you will be given the attention of one of our researchers and they work so hard to help you find what your looking for.

Or $35.00 for a Society Researcher

We have external researchers who assist us voluntarily with our research if  your enquiry is complex enough to require one of these people then the cost will be $35.00

Written Research:

Most of our research is sent out via email, but if we have to do it in written form and posted then it will cost you $35.00 and you will need to send us a Self Addressed envelope for us to return your research to you in.

If you have any enquiries regarding these charges please flick us an email or go to the contact page and fill in the form